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Oct 5, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to catch up with the fellows at dematha to find out what this top notch education is all about. >> spend a day at damatha catholic high school and a lot of things you can't put a finger on. the pairtle involvement, the teacher to student ratio. all difficult to see at first glance. what you can see is that there are no girls and students say that's a good thing. >> with all guys it was really weird at first, but i would say that helps a lot because you're not trying to impress girls or trying to talk girls in class and helps you focus better and you don't care what you look like. you don't really care about nothing but football and school and that helps you keep focus. >> reporter: what it lacks on one hand, it offers ten fold on the other, literally ten fold. >> since 1990, the football program has sent at least ten players every year to school on full football scholarships. that doesn't happen unless, you know, guys have a great balance of on the field success and getting it done in the classroom. >> and that's the common ground around here. you're a young man with any interest of play
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to the d.c. office of state superintendent of education, which has launched an investigation to determine what action it will take. parents using livingston park with their children today are upset by the news. >> it's your worst nightmare, to think about your child being in someone else's care and being left behind. at the same time, i think -- i'm sure it was an honest mistake if this is the -- you know, the child care center that does this all day, every day, i'm sure the person who was responsible for this child must feel terrible about this. >> reporter: friendship children's center says it has taken appropriate disciplinary action against the teacher. >> and then we right away jumped into our investigation of what happened, and working on figuring out how to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: the children's center tells us that the boy was bare foot because he took off his shoes and socks in order to play on the playground. they say he is safe and sound, and was in school today. that's the latest from upper northwest, chris gordon, news4. back to you. >>> a gas leak in
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
out in nats colors. thanks to everyone who has been sending these pictures >>> in "education nation," an award-winning teacher who believes he's found a simple method to help his students succeed. his 10th grade history students are already taking classes for college credit. pat lawson muse takes us to the classroom to see him in action. >> i'm less concerned about you guys getting the correct answers to these and more concerned about you having some kind of technique for how to do it. >> reporter: in his world history class, daniel moses quiz es these 10th graders about religions in the world. >> what's the first word that just popped in your head? >> reporter: for the past four years moses has been teaching the class. he loves teaching the students and they love learning. >> his teaching method is very good. i actually learned things in his class. >> he comes in every day prepared and happy. >> reporter: the preparation has paid off. moses was recently named teacher of the year by the friendship consortium in the district and baltimore city. >> when our students talk about the amo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3